Foxforth Hereford Stud


Today, Foxforth Herefords is jointly run by Fred and his daughter Anne. The commercial focus of the herd remains strong with milk, temperament, and carcase characteristics being used as the main selection criteria. Cattle must have good fat cover and an easy doing ability to survive the harsh winter months.

Commercial steers are sold to Whyalla Feedlot at Texas each year. Calves are yard weaned and steers vaccinated against Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). Feedback on the steers in the feedlot and at the processing plant is taken into consideration for the next year’s breeding program.

Alongside the Hereford commercial operation is a herd of Black Baldy cows which are joined to Charolias bulls as a terminal sire. These calves are sold as vealers at 8 to 10 months of age with the calves consistently dressing 190-200kg CWT. These calves are supplied to a processor in Victoria for the restaurant trade in Melbourne.

‘Sustainability’ is a keyword in the day to day running of the Foxforth business, through good seasons and droughts, for the current generation and the next, Foxforth is focused on the future.

Fred and Anne have bulls for sale throughout the year in the paddock and sell bulls at the annual Glen Innes Show & Sale in July. Please Contact Us for more details on our bulls for sale.

Anne & Fred Starr

Anne & Fred Starr - courtesy of The Land